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Personalized Bach Flower Remedies

High Vibrational Flower Extracts 

to Rebalance the Aura & Emotional Bodies

Personalized Bach Flower Remedies

Practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies Level 1

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The Bach Flower Remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900s. The 38 flower extracts that Dr. Bach used are “plants of a higher order.” Meaning High Vibrational Frequency.

Each of them embodies a certain potential of the Soul that is expressed through its unique vibration. Everything is energy & vibration. Each of the “floral” vibrational patterns parallels to a matching Soul frequency within the human energy field, the Aura. 


When are subtle bodies are in balance, the human Soul encompasses the same 38-floral vibrational frequencies – or/ harmonic behavioral patterns as the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.


The remedies ONLY work with the emotional-spiritual state of a client. They are not used directly for physical complaints, but to address personalities such as worry, apprehension, hopelessness, irritability, etc.

These types of emotional states are states of consciousness. Simply, when we heal the state of our consciousness, we heal the physical symptoms. 


A custom remedy made by me includes 45-minute consultation, up to seven flower essences, the healing power of blue solar water, and a Ho’Oponopono petition to clear replaying memories in the subconscious mind, shared AKA cords, and ancestral ties.

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