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Time-In ToolKit - Peace Makers

Official  Affiliate of Generation Mindful. Teaching children how to playfully self-regulate. 

Supporting children suffering and coping with Covid-19 trauma, homeschooling frustration, bullying, social integration, test & homework anxiety, schedule exhaustion, emotional trauma, ADD, ADHD, SPD, The Autistic Spectrum, and more.


Teresa is an official affiliate of Generation Mindful

Teaching kids how to socially and emotionally regulate.

The Time-In ToolKit gives you everything you need to create a Calming Corner in your home, classroom, daycare center, therapy practice, and more for ages 3 to 9+.

Start responding instead of reacting to big emotions and challenging behavior by using Time-In's. Click the photo to learn more.


Time-In ToolKit

What if "Stop crying" turned into "I'm listening" for an entire generation?

The Time-In ToolKit is a guided resource that nurtures social and emotional skills by engaging both adult and child in mindful, affirming conversation, and play around the many feelings we all experience. Children can be taught social and emotional skills in much the same way we teach them to read and write.

One kit is all you'll need per home or classroom and the many play-based activities in the ToolKit easily adapt to diverse settings and neurological abilities. 



The Original Time-In ToolKit includes:

  1. 6 illustrated posters for a Calming Corner (frames not included)

  2. PeaceMakers Mindfulness Cards

  3. My Feelings Card Deck featuring 32 different feelings (x2)

  4.  “What Can I Do” Activity Mat with 12 calming strategies

  5. Travel Time-In ToolKit Poster

  6. Digital Teacher’s Manual with printables



Goodbye time-outs, power struggles, and clip charts.

Using the Time-In ToolKit approach, we can meet children where they are, socially and emotionally, teaching them with clear and consistent boundaries, free from shame, blame, and pain.


Your Time-In ToolKit Manual will guide you every step of the way as you set up a cozy, inviting space your child will want to visit. The posters and manual that come with your kit will also help you establish your personal Calming Corner guidelines, whether for a home, classroom or other setting.

The Time-In ToolKit comes with a beautifully illustrated 8-page mini-manual in every box and a more detailed Digital Manual to inspire social-emotional learning, connection and fun for years to come.   


The first step to emotional regulation is awareness.

The playful activities included in the ToolKit make thinking, talking and learning about emotions fun. With practice, children as young as age two and three begin to recognize the four different mood-groups we all feel in the average day.

Children will intrinsically want to visit their Calming Corner when they can notice and name their emotions. The following poster (one of six in the kit) teaches kids that even their PeaceMakers animal friends, featured throughout the ToolKit, feel all four types of emotions: anger/fear (red), sadness (blue), calm (green), and happy (yellow).


This poster compliments the four emojis and the My Feelings Journal that come with every SnuggleBuddies perfectly!!! If your child is age 2+, we highly recommend pairing your Time-In ToolKit with a SnuggleBuddies plush of THEIR choice.

SnuggleBuddies are included with every ToolKit Bundle


Picking out the animal is another step towards nurturing intrinsic motivation of the child and is sure to reinforce the success of your new Time-In space being a joyful, empowering experience. 


After helping your child identify and express their emotions, the Time-In ToolKit includes a list of calming strategies to help children practice managing those big emotions as well.

The behaviors we are looking for from children are easier for them to do when they are feeling safe and connected to another human being. Connection builds compliance which is why our tools help adults and children "connect before they correct".

When you begin to use your Calming Corner on a regular basis, there will no longer be a need to put children in forced time-outs. Children (and adults!) having challenging behaviors and/or feelings will take a Time-In instead.

The Time-In ToolKit will help you create is an inviting "get-to" place kids go to feel, think, share and learn.


Time-Ins are empowering, something children are proud of taking as opposed to a punishment.

All children deserve to feel powerful, safe, and connected.

Time-outs are punitive experiences that isolate a child from an environment for a set amount of time. Though punishment based discipline may lead to short-term compliance, they do not enhance moral behavior or teach children useful conflict-resolution skills (Hoffman).

Alternatively, Time-Ins help children learn to calm their bodies and process their emotions so that they can problem-solve, learn, and grow. They empower children to check in with their bodies when they are feeling strong emotions so that they can practice responding to situations rather than reacting.

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