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Personalized Neuro-Immune Healing Codes

Repair Destructive Subconscious Cellular Memories

to Unify the Heart-Mind-Body Connection

Personalized Neuro-Immune Healing Codes 

Reiki Master & Vibrational Intuitive Coach   

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Simple and easy hand positions that initiate emotional and physical self-healing. The Neuro-Immune Healing Codes heals conscious and unconscious destructive cellular memories that cause stress in the body.  The healing-fuse centers are collectively located in four areas on the neck and head. When these areas are ignited with healthy positive energy, the energy spreads throughout the body.


The influence of positive, healthy energy is done by the hands and fingers which, when focused, emit healthy energy that flows to all areas of the body. Resulting in the removal of stress, and therefore heals the body of disease by changing the underlying destructive energy and frequency patterns of the affected areas to healthy-positive energy and frequency patterns.

Energy Centers

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Neuro-Immune Healing Centers are conduits of control for every system, every organ, and every cell of the body, which include;


  • The higher functioning left and right brain, and the hypothalamus.

  • The reactive emotional brain including the amygdala and hippocampus.

  • The pituitary gland often referred to as the master gland that controls the major endocrine processes of the body, and the pineal gland.

  • The spinal column and the autonomic nervous system.


Practicing them with the appropriate combinations literally engulfs every cell in the body with healthy-positive healing energy.


The session includes a 60-minute consultation, assessment report of issues of the heart and wrong belief systems, your personalized Neuro-Immune Healing Codes and self-healing plan of Divine Light meditations and empowering truth-focused statements.

"The Healing Codes" were discovered and developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. For more information about him, please visit here.

*Teresa has not completed the practitioner certification of Dr. Loyd's program. 

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