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Pet Vibrational & Energy Coaching 

Understand & Implement Positive Energetic Patterns 

for Optimal Pet Wellness 

Pet Vibrational & Energy Coaching 

Certified of 9 Rites of Munay Ki Passage


Chakra Balancing for Pets 

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Our energy system will either add or deplete your pets energy field. At all times, we are using, giving, emitting, submitting, and creating vibrational energy patterns that have an unconscious intelligence of either a positive or negative influence. 

Further challenges that contribute to the health of animals is the invisible programs and memories that play in the collective subconscious mind. 

Participation in lower-frequency emotions and/or feelings feeds toxic programs and memories that transmit into negative vibrational energy patterns that, unfortunately, pets are highly absorbent to. 

There are many factors to consider when addressing the physical and mental health of our pet. 


A vibrational and energy coaching session empowers you with the tools and knowledge to realign the pets auric field by working with their chakras, meridians, neural pathways, cellular memories, and release the lower-frequency collective memories and programs hindering the pets ability to heal.


One of the most beautiful things about vibrational and energy healing with animals is that animals don't believe or disbelieve in any energetic technologies. Therefore there is no placebo effect for them. 

If healing is in the highest good for the pet, the results of vibrational and energy clearing can be quite spectacular.

1) 20-30 Minute Consultation conducted via Skype, FaceTime, ZOOM, or phone to clarify the physical & emotional symptoms of the pet. 

2) Client provides name and picture of pet for Ho'Oponopono healing petition. 

3) Teresa conducts a Ho'Oponopono healing petition and meditation for specific coaching guidance. 

4) Guidance report with vibrational & energy healing directions and resources. 

What is Pet Vibrational & Energy Coaching? 

Everything is energy— including animals and us.  Since everything is made of energy, understanding the parallel vibrational energetic patterns between you and your pet is critical for healing. 

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