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Super cute bracelet featuring dark lava rocks, metal accent beads, and an assortment of polished gemstones. 


  • One size fits all; Beads strung on elastic
  • Each bracelet is unique; stone colors, bead designs, and arrangement will vary
  • Imported


Lava stones come directly to us from the fiery core of the earth. This basalt is hundreds of thousands of years old, and provide us with emotional and spiritual healing, as well as the ability to infuse their porous surface with essential oils that aid us in our daily endeavors. An incredibly grounding stone, lava stone is perfect at using it’s highly intense energy to quickly calm you down, restoring your energy to proper balance and shedding your unnecessary or negative energetic attachments with ease. Lava stones work directly on the root chakra, starting at the base of the spine, and directly grounding you to the center of the earth.


This is not a typical bracelet you will find in a store.
This is a very unique bracelet. I recommend that you take a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your palm, and rub it onto the lava stones in this bracelet. The essential oil usually permeates for approximately

1-2 days without needing to be refreshed. You can wear them yourself, or give them as gifts to your friends!

I recommend both!

Lava Bracelet

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