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Teresa "Pualani" Leming

Teresa "Pualani" W. Leming

Pualani; Hawaiian Name:

Heavenly Blossom

Former Self-I-Dentity through Ho'Oponopono instructor and coordinator of IZI LLC. Studied directly under the famous & amazing Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

Holistic Wellness & QHHT Practitioner  


International Speaker & Instructor

Ordained Minister & Certified Practitioner of QHHT Level ll, Ho’Oponopono Basic ll, Reiki Master, Bach Flower Remedies Level l, Energy Healing, Etheric Realm, & Divine Light Rays Transformation.


Specializing in Holistic Wellness, Teresa works in the etheric realm & with the subtle bodies utilizing transformational techniques, such as QHHT, Ho’Oponopono, Vibrational & Energy Activations, Divine Light Rays, Light Language, Reiki, Nero-Immune Healing Codes, personalized Bach Flower Remedies, & BeeFree Soul Products.


Offering her services to all ages & pet types.


Ho'Oponopono Saved Me!

Through the painful and humbling experience of losing everything I ever knew, worked for, and believed in, I found the beautiful healing process of Ho'Oponopono. It changed me, and lead me down the path of ownership and my willingness to self-reflect healed my grief forever!


Ho'Oponopono, QHHT & Family 

Why is practicing Ho’Oponopono and having a QHHT session helpful with the family-dynamics? 

We incarnate over-and-over with the same soul groups. Lifetime after lifetime, we agree to play different roles to balance karmic ties, help each other learn chartered lessons, and accelerate our ascension. 

The traditional system of the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’Oponopono was used within families to clear conflict and to restore and maintain balanced relationships. If anything were out of alignment, a mediator would be brought in to speak with whoever was conflicted to "set things right." However, this method didn’t completely release the ancestral karmic lineage.


Kahuna Lapa’au, Mornah Nalamaku Simeona, who is honored as a living treasure of Hawaii, taught a system of Ho’Oponopono that heals the memories and programs replaying in the subconscious mind,  bringing all levels of consciousness into Divine alignment. Her process thoroughly transmutes the karmic ancestral lineage and memories that are carried in our subtle bodies cellular memories.  

QHHT is a type of regression hypnosis that accesses the subconscious and superconscious connections. In this state, you have a channel of insight into your different karmic relationships and what they are trying to teach you. With the knowledge from a QHHT session and the commitment to practice Ho’Oponopono, it is  easier to understand your links within your family dynamics. 

My Beautiful Immediate (Soul Group) Family

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